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ConsumerBase, ethics aren’t a game

The idiots at ConsumerBase send me constant spam. Here’s the fine print at the bottom of each email:

We support ethical practices. This email was sent to [email protected] by ConsumerBase LLC because you have not previously unsubscribed to our email solicitations. By clicking on any link in this email, except the unsubscribe one below, you are reaffirming your interest in receiving future emails. Please know that we respect your right to be taken off our email lists. Removal is automatic through our system. Please click here to start that process.

Even worse, this fairly large company fills their web site with references to the DMA, CAN-SPAM, and ethics. They brag about following the letter of the law while spitting on the spirit of it.

Just because your lawyer tells you that you’re covered doesn’t mean you’re not an ass.

Marketers:  Never hire a direct marketing firm that has poor ethics. If they are willing to embarrass themselves, they’ll do it to you. Never bet your brand on someone else’s poor judgment.

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