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Cute Pets in Funny Costumes — The King of Viral Content

imageHow do you get your fans involved?  Just ask.

How do you get them to talk about you?  Have fun.

PETCO’s “Put your pet in a costume and send us a photo” contest is as simple as it gets, inexpensive, and total genius.  It’s easy to enter, easy to share, and has massive viral potential. They only spent $1,000 on prizes and have 571 entries so far. And they get a full 30 days of promotion.

PETCO used the Bazaarvoice platform (disclosure: I’m an advisor) to power this contest, but you could do it with a free blog.

Lesson:  Before you pay for a big, expensive viral campaign, ask yourself if there is something more simple, more genuine, and more fun you could do.

P.S. Here’s a lizard in a Dorothy costume:


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