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Give your fans the tools to share your story

Is what you do hard to explain? If it is, you need to give your fans the tools they need to relay your message — documents, presentations, videos, etc.

Even more important in a word of mouth world, you have very few ways to control the second- and third-hand conversations.  But if you create the material that gets passed along, it is much more likely to include your original ideas.

Here’s a great example from

Spreading the Word about Geocaching is Easy!

clip_image001Nearly every geocacher has at some point attempted to explain geocaching to a muggle — be that a family member, a friend, a co-worker or someone on the trail. And, anyone who has tried knows that geocaching can be quite difficult to explain. Obviously, the best way for someone new to learn about the activity is to get outside and try it, but to make it even easier, we’ve created several tools to help you teach them about the activity. We now present to you:

1. The Introduction to Geocaching Presentation, a downloadable PowerPoint presentation that starts at the very beginning and covers everything from what a geocache looks like, to cache types, to Trackables. You are welcome to use this presentation to teach others about geocaching. There is even space for you to co-brand it, if you so desire!

2. The new videos page features fun and educational videos that cover more than 30 topics and can be shared with others. Pick a video that encompasses what you love about geocaching – or something you know your friends and family will love about it – and share it through Facebook, Twitter or its YouTube URL. We will be adding new videos to this page on a regular basis, so keep checking back for more great content!

Start sharing and spread the fun! Happy Geocaching!

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