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How to make talking about you feel great

This is a post from our project. Check it out for more great word of mouth marketing tips like this every day.

Word of mouth marketing is about the customer. People share your message when it says something about them as individuals, not just something about the company. Here are three ways to do it by making them feel great:

1. Make them look smart
2. Help them help others
3. Make them feel important

1. Make them look smart

We love to feel like an expert. It feels great when our friends ask us for advice before buying a product. Some companies make customers into experts with certification and training programs. Other companies do this with tons of freely available content, tips, and guides.

2. Help them help others

Right now, you have customers who love to help others and are passionate about passing on their knowledge to friends. They convert friends from the wrong brand and they give unsolicited advice in grocery store aisles. It can be hard to tell these talkers from the passive ones, so the solution is to give everyone access to stuff that will help them convert friends: forwardable emails, extra samples, and even your sales brochures.

3. Make them feel important

Your customers will talk about you if it shows off that they’re in your inner circle. Nordstrom holds private shopping events for Fashion Rewards members a few times a year, where only they can shop new arrivals and special sales. Status like this gets people talking. What simple perk could you offer to your biggest and best fans?

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