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There’s no “and” in “brand”

We see this all the time: A typical “services” page from a small digital agency.

Search and social and email and inbound and apps and local and mobile — they claim they can do it all.

I don’t believe it.

It’s just not possible. It’s definitely not possible for them to be fantastic at all of these.

But more important — claiming to do everything kills your word of mouth. The best you can hope for is “these guys do all sorts of marketing stuff.” That’s never going to make you the go-to guys for a single service that you are the best at. You’ll never get “Gotta call them — they kick butt at ____.”

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  1. Stuart Sheldon July 8, 2013 at 10:09 am #

    Andy: Excellent point. I’ve both worked for & worked with agencies (digital and beyond) who try to be excellent (“core competency”) at a wide number of services. At one agency, we had two brand manager clients who sat four doors from each other view us through completely different lenses:

    Client 1: “Those guys really deliver amazing event execution.”

    Client 2: “Those guys really deliver amazing marketing strategy and national program concept work.”

    So now, here at Escalate, we stay laser-focused on two core competencies: 1) Experiential Marketing and 2) Word Of Mouth Marketing. Yes, we may miss out on business opportunities but more often than not, those “misses” are best for us. Best because they don’t force us to try and be something we aren’t! (How often does THAT work out well?)


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