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Live blogging at conferences

Get someone to blog your events. Give them internet access, passes to the conference — then get out of the way. Let them publish their unfiltered opinions.

Michael Rubin and I started doing this in 2005 at WOMMA. It was a huge hit.

Why live conference blogging is amazing:

  1. It creates a permanent record of the event, which generates demand for your next one.
  2. All the event content is useless as soon as it’s over. The blog turns it into a marketing asset.
  3. Your blog posts will get more visitors than any press coverage.
  4. No one will skip an event to read blog coverage of it – you won’t lose any money.
  5. Anyone who can’t make it can follow along – and they’ll be at the next one.
  6. Tons of bloggers will link to all those posts.
  7. The blog helps connect thought leaders and attendees together.
  8. You’re getting more people involved at a grassroots level. Transform the event from “just another conference” into a community.
  9. Find your next event’s speakers
  10. Radically expand your audience from a few hundred attendees to thousands.
  11. It’s easy and (often) free
  12. You get instant credibility

Josh Hallet of has become the king of liveblogging. He’s the master, and the first person I’d call if I wanted to have someone take care of it.

Watch this video interview with Josh:

We’ve had some really great bloggers at the WOMMA events, and I owe them a special thanks. (I know I missed a few … please email me!)

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