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Share your roadmap

If you want to keep fans engaged, let them know where you’re going. 

Nothing is more frustrating than being dependent on a product and never knowing when they are going to make it better. We’ve abandoned more than one vendor because "that feature will be out someday" just isn’t good enough. I can’t run my business based on your secret plans.

Use a blog or email newsletter to keep users updated on product features, fixes, and what you’ll be adding next.  Let them post their ideas and suggestions.

  1. Users will be thrilled to know how the product is going to improve.
  2. You turn frustration into anticipation.
  3. Your fans have something to talk about (more word of mouth!).

Here’s a great example from Wild Apricot: 1 2 3

(Apple gets away with the secrecy, but it still makes users angry. And you’re not Apple.)

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