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Sunday Inspiration: Laugh out loud

Have you had a good laugh today?

From the Wall Street Journal:

Consider the example of tiny Manzanita, Ore., a town of 700 on the Pacific coast. Four weeks ago, a handful of residents began gathering at 12:05 p.m. every Thursday in the town square for a group laugh-in, says Michael Burkett, editor of the North Coast Citizen, the local biweekly newspaper. The bookstore owner dons a mullet wig, a local artist carries a stuffed flamingo on his shoulder, another resident wears a rainbow-hued clown wig — just for laughs. Resident Craig Mackie arrived yesterday sporting a handmade plastic-dinner-plate chapeau worthy of the Mad Hatter. For three minutes, the sound of laughter echoes through the town.

Right now — drop what you're doing — and go laugh with someone about something.

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