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Word of mouth marketing: A higher mission

NYC Event Logo 1Word of mouth marketing is more than just a marketing technique.

It's a movement.

It's a movement that says we believe that the only path to success is earning the respect and recommendation of our customers. 

Our work empowers people and gives them a voice … a process that can never be reversed. If we succeed in satisfying our customers, we will benefit greatly because they will share their enthusiasm and support our brand. But if we fail, that same voice will hold us accountable and broadcast our failings.

Only honest marketers with confidence in their products dare engage in word of mouth marketing — because it will backfire if the promise of your marketing message isn't backed up by reality. Once you give people a voice, they will tell the true story of your company, good or bad.  Word of mouth marketing is self-policing and pushes marketers to create better products and provide genuine satisfaction.

Word of mouth marketing is about making people happy.

Today, it's been 2 years since I stepped down as the CEO of WOMMA.

We were on a mission, embodied by this amazing poster by Brains on Fire.

I'm still a believer.

WOMMA, WOM industry, keep fighting the good fight.

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