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Why didn’t you call?

My gym knows that I’m going to cancel my membership — because I haven’t been there in 60 days (I bought a machine for home).

Why haven’t they called?  It always costs more money to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing customer.  If they let me go, they are going to have to do a ton of marketing to replace me, and it’s going to take several months of fees until that new customer pays back his startup costs.

How could they keep me?  Maybe a half-price membership good for three days each week or off-peak only.  Or they can put me on hold, so I can restart anytime without a new imitation fee. Maybe I’m just angry about a little thing, and they could win me back with a quick apology. They’ll never know.

In some businesses, this sort of loyalty marketing doesn’t work. Your PC maker doesn’t know that you’ve gone out and bought another brand.  You car dealer doesn’t know if you’re still driving their car.  They have no ongoing relationship with you.

But the gym, the barbershop, a restaurant, and many other businesses should notice when you don’t come back — and do what it takes to get you back.

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